Waiting for weather windows

Doesn’t matter if we are at sea cruising or in a safe anchorage for the next round of renovations, everything depends on the weather.  It decides safe from scary at sea, and possible to marginal on most of the job list.

We had such big plans for this summer in Sydney Harbour.  Hard work coupled with an injection of funds from newly found work were going to bring the boat to a new level of wow.  What we didn’t account for was the wettest summer imaginable.  It is disheartening to clean back, sand and prime an area only to wait an eternity for a 2-3 day dry spell.  It just hasn’t happened.  Neither have many of the well-intended jobs.


Disheartened yes, but not discouraged.  It has to stop sometime and we’ve remained positive.  For example we have progressed immensely on the matter of stopping the leaks, the decks look scrubbed clean and we get to keep the tanks filled with yummy rainwater ;0)



3 thoughts on “Waiting for weather windows”

  1. Been same here wet wet wet !!! jobs held up and gone on back burner for time being. We have the weather system you have currently coming our way and it is winding iitself up – deepening fast and furious as it tracks out over the ditch, batten down the hatches and hope that we do not lose too many trees. Keep safe and happy:-) xx


    1. Helloooooooooo and yikes be careful cookies! we had 39kt gusts last night and we are safely tucked right up inside the harbour. I resorted to earplugs it was so noisy, especially with the tarp up to try stop excess water ingress… xx


      1. Oh Happy days I have tarp memories from way way back as well !!!!! and leaks!!! etc etc etc joys of being a sea gypsy!!!! take heart it can’t rain for ever, the blows will come and go and come hell or high water you are having a ball gal!!!!!! Great 🙂 glad you enjoying life aboard she looks beautiful. Here we landlubbers are growing all sorts and every thing from coffee, yams and damsons even!!! and everything in-between 🙂 we painted the roof this week almost finished. Our tanks full now 🙂 happy days H. Here is sending love from the Kiwi Cookies xxx


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