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Laughter really is the best medicine

Oh boy I love it when I get to have a good giggle. A while ago I read a blog post that tickled so much it continues to make me grin if I mentally picture the post even now. To me that is priceless and it was delivered free of charge straight to my navigation station laptop ๐Ÿ™‚ ย 
I love that about reading new blogs which I have been doing aย LOT of since joining the Blogging101 course. ย My interests were always diverse but I never thought to add randomness to my reading. ย I now get updatesย not only from sailing blogs but from travellers, writers, comedians, cooks, food bloggers,ย runners, artists, students, retirees and many more. ย This role callย looks a lot likeย the one on my recentย Fixing Bloggers Blockย post of who I wanted to follow me, it really is interesting that itย is me following them! ย I’ve highlighted via link to only a few as the list of awesome is rather long and invite you to go and explore.
The one that tickled? 5 Yoga poses for sailors – especially good for beginners to improve balance. My goal is to refine the Warrior 3 or ‘wind indicator’ as my signature anchoring signal for “the freaking reef is just there!” and of coarse pictures of said signal will need to follow but I haven’t had the energy for practising that one yet. On my hiking adventure the Downward Dog aka ‘fendering the boat’ gives both amazing upside down mountain views and an awesome leg stretch, ‘the chair’ is an essential requirement of wild camping and to re quote Dawn “nuff said” and ‘the corpse’ pretty much sums me up on every rest stop. So far I’m doing great!